Up-cycled men’s dress shirt turned into smock apron

I stopped by Goodwill the other day and picked up a couple of extra large men’s dress shirts for $2.50 a piece. I’m usually there on a hunt for vintage tablecloths and embroidered treasures, but when none turned up I hit the clearance rack. The shirts just begged to be up-cycled, so I tossed them in my cart and took them home. I love the smocky look and the way they almost feel like I’m wearing a dress or an old-fashioned pinafore. I swear I could have been born in an earlier era!


(Jazzy, my black lab, is posing with me.) I used a contrasting shirt for the pocket and part of the back straps.


I converted the sleeves from the shirt as the straps that button to the front of the apron. I finally get to dive into that button stash!


In true Artfully Sew fashion, I added a cutesy flower and blanket stitched around the outside.

Now off to make another one!

Artfully sewing,

Angela Jean


One thought on “Up-cycled men’s dress shirt turned into smock apron

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