DIY Dress Form from Chicken Wire

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Artfully sewing,

Angela Jean

Dress Form 09


8 thoughts on “DIY Dress Form from Chicken Wire

  1. Do you think this idea would work for a “second me” sort of form? (When I saw this posted on Pinterest, I thought . . . it’s a long shot, I doubt that she made it to fit herself . . . but then, a person can Hope.)

    • It’s good for an estimated size, but I don’t think you could get it exactly to your body shape. I use mine for displaying my aprons and tops I upcycle. It’s about my size and works great. I guess it depends on what you need a dress form for. if I was working on something fitted, like a corset – type dress, it wouldn’t be accurate. But, in my case, it works perfectly. (See my dress for in action at my Etsy store at )

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