Tangled Costume for Halloween


Rapunzel costume complete with frying pan!

It was time to take a break from making aprons to making a Halloween costume! My daughter, Nora was determined to be Rapunzel for trick or treating this year. I was hesitant because I am trying to get ready for the Sigma Holiday House craft show coming up November 22. But, mother duties trump business, so we set off for our hunt.

We started at Goodwill and found a green summer dress that had an eyelet lace front.  I figured we could lace ribbon up the middle to look like a bodice. Green wasn’t the right color for Rapunzel’s dress from the movie so we picked up a package of purple Rit dye at Joann Fabrics. (I wish I would have taken a picture of the dress before I dyed it so you could experience the full transformation!) The brown peasant shirt was from another dying project I did last year.


This wig was so fun and easy to make!

The wig was so fun to make! We found a great tutorial on line by This Mama Makes Stuff. Thanks to the detailed directions, it was so easy. My mom gave us a couple skiens of yellow yarns that Nora cut up for the wig. I sewed it to the cap and Nora braided it.


Trick or treating with little cousins


The spoils of trick or treating!

Making this costume was a fun break, but now, back to work! (After a few pieces of Halloween candy – shhh!)

Artfully sewing,

Angela Jean


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