Using Up Treasured Fabric

I have a problem. I love to collect fabric. Actually, not just fabric. I love lace and linens, anything with hand embroidery, silks, satins, velvets and gaudy vintage bed sheets. I love the look, feel and even the smell of fabric. Yes, I do have a problem. And what is the solution to this problem?

I have to start using the fabric I currently have in my stash.

Every quilter/seamstress has a section of special fabric that she has fallen in love with. Sometimes it’s so special, we don’t even want to cut it! It’s time, ladies. Get out your imagination and your scissors and get to work!

Fabric up-cycle by Angela Jean of Artfully Sew www.artfullysew.wordpress.comMy first treasure was this silky oriental print I got from my step-mom. I love the cranes and fans! I used it for the top part of the shirt and fussy cut it so that the crane would be fully visible. The rust color was brought out with some orange ticking hidden in my Halloween fabrics and accented with a hem of cream/blue ticking.

Fabric up-cycle by Angela Jean of Artfully Sew I kept getting frustrated with the sleeves. Originally I added long sleeves from another shirt I used for an apron, but they didn’t work and made it look clunky and tacky. Then I got some lace from a friend (click here to see more treasures) and decided it would look nice as sleeves. It softened up the look and gave the top a light and feminine look as well.

Fabric up-cycle by Angela Jean of Artfully Sew

Fabric up-cycle by Angela Jean of Artfully Sew

This top looks great with a pair of jeans.

Fabric up-cycle by Angela Jean of Artfully Sew

Simba the cat had to hop into the picture because he is much more photogenic than I am!

What fabric do you have fears of cutting because you have a love affair with it? Share your fabric photo below and tell what you think you will make from it or ask for input if you’re stuck on ideas.

Now off to the fabric closet to find my next project!

Artfully sewing,